Teething, you suck!

Just in case you don't follow me on instagram; allow me to inform you...
Teething is a MOTHER!
the drooling,
the mouthing,
the loss of appetite,
the fussiness,
the change in sleep,
the fever,
the swollen gums,
the diarrhea {never thought I would complain about too much poo},
and the spit up...oh the spit up!
"Something just get in my mouth!"

Seriously, they are all symptoms of teething from what I have read, and over the past couple of weeks my child has had them ALL! 

I have sworn Abram was starting to teeth since he became a drool production machine 1.5 months ago, but many moms told me is was way to early. Still to this day most will swear that 4.5 months is too early for teeth. 

Well if there is one thing I have learned from this experience, it is to trust your gut! 

How many times have I already learned that as Abram's mom? I lost count.

So sorry doubting moms; I found two lines where teeth are starting to poke through tonight! {bottom, front} I still love ya'll...and thanks so much to the moms who clued me in that it was not too early. They encouraged me to break out the teething toys I had in Abram's Easter basket. Thank heavens I did; they saved me tonight! 

Now, if only I could have saved my 3 different shirts from the enormous amount of spit up he has had today! My guess is that he has so much drool it is making him spit up more.

Here's hoping those babies pop through soon so my boy can get some relief and stop chewing on his aunt's head like it is the best dog toy the world has ever seen! I also have to make ANOTHER trip out to replace his easter basket goodies...sigh

Most of all...I am going to miss his sweet little gummy smile. Tear......my boy is growing up too fast!

This might be the last gummy smile we get pictured :(