The Ginger Mule Progress

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen me post about The Ginger Mule. Late last year a friend, Robert, who owns Rogue Design Build contacted me about helping him with some of the interior of The Ginger Mule, a new whiskey bar and restaurant opening up in Sugar Land, Texas. Knowing this friend well from design school; I knew he would bring amazing creativity and craftsmanship to the project so I jumped at the opportunity to help, even if it only meant lending a creative ear when he needs it at times. We treated this project as a very fluid process; often completing one step before making decisions about the others. Sometimes we would sit together and just scheme up ideas that may or may not work. All he knew was that he wanted to reflect all that is great in America and a general idea about the menu.

This is a small space, and Robert has unique ideas about the bar and how he wants conversation to take place. We started with the idea of an eclectic, hunting lodge feel. We added vintage lighting over the tables and bar to give that milk-glass glow and a little bit of sparkle. The last details are still being put in place; be sure to check back for another update.


--Nikki Ginger Mule