The Nursery Details

       If you don't remember, our nursery WAS our office/craft/junk collection room. It was half-finished {like a lot of our rooms} and we could barely walk into it by the end. We really didn't use it as an office much because it only had one small window and bad lighting.       I tried to D.I.Y. when it was worth the time/money, and when I wasn't creating it I was finding it in discount stores {Marshalls, Ross, Home Goods, etc.} or shopping other parts of my house. The DIY pieces in the room will get their own post soon! {glazing the dresser, painting the laminate shelf, making the no-sew crib skirt, disguising the ugly hanging lamp cord}

Paint Color: Sherwin Williams "Quietude" Ceiling Fan: Hunter fan from Lowes Curtains: Old Ikea linen curtains I had in my previous house. My mom and I found a striped fabric and she added a piece to the curtain to give it more interest.

Dresser: Craigslist find {along with a matching nightstand that wouldn't fit in the room right now} was already grey {I had every intention of painting a piece of furniture, but got lucky}, but I did glaze it to give it the antiqued/rustic look. Basket next to Dresser: Home Goods...and I am making it the diaper trashcan Glider:Walmart Pillow on Glider:Ikea Hanging Lamp: Ikea light and shade that was covered by my mom with some extra Amy Butler fabric I had laying around. I wrapped the cord in twine to hide the white and printed electrical numbers.

Rug: T.J. Maxx


Moose head:Ebay {painted white myself} was one like this "T" Art: Made by me with scrapbook paper Green and Yellow dog paintings:Logan Berard Paintings Clock: Matt's old clock from his childhood room Boy Art: Made by me using photoshop, modge podge, and a canvas Framed black dog picture: Made by me using an old photo and photoshop

Crib:Jenny Lind Davinci Toy Basket: Home Goods Navy Wild and Free Art: Made by me with burlap{tutorial coming soon} Hanging Planes: Vintage looking decor planes from Hobby Lobby...used fishing line and command hooks to attach to ceiling Drift Wood Mirror: Marshalls Sheets: Target Crib Skirt: Made by me using a plaid fabric from Hobby Lobby {tutorial coming soon} Pillows and animals in Crib: Gifts from friends/family or picked up from discount stores Orange Knitted Quilt: Made by my great grandmother before she passed away Brown Knitted Quilt: Target "I love you like" rag: This is actually a tea towel from a sweet woman on etsy...figured I could use it as a burp rag/decor


Book Shelve: An old laminate garage sale shelf that Matt used in college...updated with left over semi-gloss white paint and Benjamin Moore's "Cork" from other projects in my house. Humidifier:Crane Lamp on Shelf: Ikea {from years ago} Assorted pieces on shelve: pieces from our house and discount stores, pictures of us, knitted quilt from my great grandmother, LSU burp rags from a friend, assorted books and toys, and things from Louisiana... I tried to accessorize it with things that didn't cost much money and can easily be removed to make room for his items later in life.