This is My "#1 Aunt" On a Mug Post

       I know it is still early, but I feel this post is/will be well deserved. From the moment I told my sister I was pregnant she has been so excited. When I first saw her, she ran straight to my belly and started rubbing and talking to it. I have never had a doubt that she would be good with my kids. 

       Ever since we were younger she has had a way with kids...she cracks them up! All she has to do is look at them and they {especially Jake when he was young} roll over with the full-on belly laugh. I have always been secretly jealous of her ability to do that...afraid that she will be a better aunt to my kids than I would be to hers. She just has a real charisma that even babies understand without words. That paired with her fun-loving coolness {yes, I just used that description} will make her one of their favorite people to be around. I just KNOW it! As long as she promises to tell me their secrets, that is fine with me ;).

See what I mean!?...Charisma (Me holding Kristen, the rabbit)

    So it should have been no surprise that her of all people would be the FIRST person to buy our first baby an outfit, with of the coolest onesies I've seen! I think I may have mentioned a local Lafayette business called, Parish Ink before when talking about a shirt I got for Christmas from Matt's sister. Well of course they would even make cool stuff for babies and when I saw this onesie last year I added it to my pinterest board

       Apparently as soon as I told Kristen I was pregnant she bought this for me...I mean baby Tag ;). I got the gift from her this past weekend and I LOVED it! {and I had not even gotten her a b-day gift yet...I admit it...bad sister}. Matt and I cannot stop talking about how excited we are to put our Cajun, Persian, German, Irish, English, etc. {Mutt} baby in this. He/she will be using Cajun slang as his/her first words...awesome! Thanks Aunt KiKi, we love you! what do you NEED/WANT real bad for your b-day?!