Thoughts on 30

I turned 30, on Wednesday. I had thought about that day since I turned 21 (the last big milestone birthday). Life is not what I thought it would be at this age. I am no where near where I thought I would be, yet I have everything I wanted. Last year when I was pregnant, swollen, and hot during my birthday I planned on a festive party for the big 3-0 where I could rock a cute outfit with the same body I had post baby #1. It would be a joint party for Matt and I since I was even more pregnant, swollen, and hot for his 3oth last year. We would have all of our friends and family over, make drinks, and let the kids run around chasing each other.

Well, there I actually was sitting in my living room with one kid sleeping in my bed and the other sleeping on the living room floor in his post tornado destruction. You see a painter showed up to give me a hand on some projects that I just couldn't finish on my own. He was planned, but the day wasn't scheduled and he showed up that morning while we were in our pj's. I spent the morning moving all of our furniture around for him. He took over the kid's rooms and I battled with no-nap kids all day because they couldn't sleep in their rooms. Mickey was on and I was too scared to turn it off for fear of waking one of them.

My outfit consisted of a t-shirt, jeans, tennis shoes, and a necklace because I just had to "try" a little on my birthday. I was lucky to even look this decent with the battle I had fought. Almost two months after our move, and our house still looked like a clothes bomb went off because of lack of storage/too much stuff, and there were partially done projects going on in several rooms to add said storage and update the house. I did my makeup in a mirror on the living room floor because the previous owners took all the mirrors and I haven't found/ hung the replacements yet. While I did my makeup Julip was alternating between hanging on me crying and laughing at herself as she tried to eat the mirror. Abram was alternating between total house destruction, at lightening speed, and continuing with his plot to try and choke me out before I hit 31. My day old hair...well it was there and managed to get brushed.






Then I remembered what my Mimi told me. "Take a picture, you'll look back and laugh". So I did; I set up my camera right there and snapped a few. You see my house may be post apocalyptic at the moment, but the weather is great and our new community is, I'm creative and I've got plans for this house. We may not have a big party with lots of friends because we are across the country, but I was busy answering calls all day. My weight might not be ideal and my hair and makeup are rough, but it's because I've had kids in and on me for the past 3 years. This blog may seem slow, but it's because I have lots of projects in the background that are on their way. And I may have been sitting alone in my living room, but my husband was on his way home with gluten-free sushi (a hard find), a paddle board gift, and plans for a night at the fair with our kids. This is my season of life right now and I'm trying my hardest to embrace it. If you find yourself at our house, it may seem like we are a giant mess, but there's a lot of love here...and a cold drink if you need one.