Two Boxes of Candles

It has been a busy couple of weeks on the Design/ Build front. The week before this past one we started our pre-assembly of our steel structure in the shop; putting up columns and the compound beam which weighed over 1,000 pounds. We also finished my "boats" for the inside of my form work.
This past weekend was a studio friend's Pub Golf Birthday Party and Matt's 25th Birthday. Friday night we played pub golf which basically required us to go from bar to bar in Mid Town, Houston and order specific drink and take them in a certain number of sips (par). Matt won because he was the only one still worried about par by the end...and because he bought Jennifer a shot. The next morning we left for Lafayette to celebrate Matt's birthday. We grilled some burgers at his house and while sitting there talking, decided to take his dad's new rug van out on the town. It became our "club in a van" and was so much fun!
This past week at school, we began assembling our floor and roof beams. Putting a beams above our heads completely changed the feel of our entire structure. We also...da da da....FINISHED THE CISTERN form work and wire mesh is now affectionately known as my 800 pound baby. While working on our cistern copper pipes, Aatique, Simone, and I were photographed and made it to the front page of our school newspaper. Now it just has to be fitted to the site and poured. We are still behind schedule due to our engineer at the beginning and have started working until 6:30 to try and get more work done. We shall see...let's cross our fingers that some magic happens. Until next time...

Moving one of the cistern "boats" from the wood shop to "our" shop area

Steel glass..very sharp...welded by Jules

Jules, Garth, Cameron, and Greg putting up a column

Patrick, Cameron, Eimilie, and I putting up a column

Simone and I relaxing

About to pull the column out to wedge the compound beam into place

Oh to be a construction worker

Waiting on the guys...

Lifting the compound beam with the forklift

Pub golf birthday


towards the end of the night

didn't have our ear plugs in...

The exterior of my form work

learning hpw to solder the copper piping for my cistern

the beautiful soldered copper pipe fit to the cistern form work

watching our roof plates come in in the rain

our roof plates

moving our floor framing from the wood shop to "our" shop in the pouring rain

the cistern wire mesh reinforcement with the chairs and spacers in