Under the Weather and Daily Life Pics

I fully intended on writing a post about kids and art, then real life struck and I got a stomach bug on Friday. I was couch ridden ALL weekend and into Monday. I missed a few celebrations with friends, working on the nursery and house stuff {that desperately needed to be done}, spending time with my baby boy, and felt sick every time I would sit down to write. That's just life... I know most moms understand when I say I do not have time to get sick!! Plus, Abram has ANOTHER sinus infection and has been having blow-outs all weekend because of his medicine. {poor Matt}

Luckily, we just have to stick it out until next week's family beach vacation. It will be very much needed, but their is still lots of packing and pep talks needed to get myself ready to be 6.5 months preggo on the beach...with two thin, non-pregnant, able to drink friends.

Hope your week is grand!