Vacation Recap Part 2

       After a day at home to get over the stomach virus, we headed to Oklahoma for my brother's graduation. He graduated high school which made me feel like an old lady. I know I am not, but he is 10 years younger than me so I have always thought of him as my little baby brother that I would babysit and play momma to.

       He graduated on Friday night and we had a little celebration with our close family afterwards. I don't get to see them enough! I am so proud of my brother and so excited to see what he accomplishes during his college years and beyond. I know "uncle red" will be a great role model for Abram!

Our visit was very surreal. My parents live 5 minutes away from where the huge tornado hit, and my uncle's house was 1/4 mile away. On top of that, my aunt's sister was a teacher in Plaza Towers. She got a group of students into a closet and held the door shut while the tornado hovered above them. We drove around to look at the damage and I honestly cannot believe how destroyed the schools and a few other buildings were. It didn't really hit home until I saw people just getting to their houses to search for their belongings that survived. They were wearing gloves and climbing on top of the rubble. 

       I love blogging and reading blogs about home decor, crafts, and diy. When I came back to my house with all of the furnishings in their "place" and saw these blogs I love showing off their homes; it reinforced that all this stuff is just stuff. It can be taken in an instant! Please continue to pray for those hit in the tornado.

       Sunday we headed to church with the fam. The church happened to be the #1 recovery center for the tornado, and my mom had been volunteering as families came in the first day to search for loved ones, get a warm meal, and a place to sleep. Their message was "I heart this city" was wonderful! It wasn't the perfect visit (somehow we gave 11 family members the stomach virus on Sunday), but it was good to be in a place I once called home and see how everyone comes together. I love my family!