Viva Las Vegas

What do you think of when someone says "Las Vegas"?

One might think scandalous, bad decisions, gambling, heavy drinking, and "What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas"

My family thinks..."Yay!...A family vacation!" haha. This vacation might involve some of the above mentioned attributes, but with the family there...what happens in Vegas definitely does not stay in Vegas.

Kristen and I don't mind going with our parents because typically they will just go wherever to continue to explore parts of Vegas they never knew (I mean hey...they are good looking enough to get in anywhere)... I know they are reading this ;)

We joined each other in OKC on the flight to Vegas and most began having fun on the plane.
That night we ate at Tahiti Joe's at our Condo...def. do not recommend this place unless you want to good entertainment from the sing along piano. In our decision making time on where to go that night, we ended up falling asleep...we were just getting rested for the rest of the trip...a whole week.

The condo had a nice pool that we tried to spend some time at each day, especially while the guys played golf two days in a row. Thursday night we went to the Hard Rock and played around...sort of like us kids did when we were young...there was just some gambling added.

Friday, my dad was tired so he went to bed and the rest of us desparately headed out to find the carousel bar. We were so exhausted that we had to stop to get a coffee at the Venetian which gave us a chance to see it as well. Although the bar no longer spins, the band playing was AMAZING. They did all the popular club songs, and sounded really good. They had so much energy and never took a break which woke most of us up and made it a fun night.

Saturday, after pooling and golfing, we decided to try and meet up with Matt's cousin from California. He was taking us out to Vegas's hottest new club called, XS, at The Wynn. Little did we know that in Vegas you must get to the club early to get stamped and then come back because the line is so long you may never get in if you go past 10:30. We stood in line for an hour and then (because we are from smaller places and NEVER wait in line) left, cursing this stupid club. We tried to make it a good night still, but for most the deed had been done so we left with the tires squeeling on the mini-van (literally).

Sunday, my parents, Matt, and I went to the Hoover Dam because Matt had never seen it. We saw the dam bridge being built and the dam tunnels and even went into the dam museum. That night we went to a horrific comedy show that I felt so bad at I made myself sympathy laugh...never take an offer of free tickets! Then we went to New York New York and clubbed a little and gambled.

The next morning, my mom left because of work stress and worrying about Jake starting High School. We went to the lazy river and then found out that XS was open and we decided that just because we couldn't get in before, we HAD to see this club that was so "awesome"! We went to downtown Vegas and learned how to play craps from my dad and ate an amazing Italian meal and then headed to the club around 9:30. We got in!...and it was a really nice club with expensive, weak drinks (as one might imagine). I just danced the night away!

Tuesday was our last day in Vegas so we pooled it, went to Cirque de Soleil Mystere, and then my dad, Matt, and I went downtown to lose all of our money at craps and blackjack until 3 am...I am officially addicted.

It was a fantastic trip and no one missed any flights. Now back to reality with school starting this past Monday. I am a little overwhelmed beacuse our design build is still not finished so we will be working Fridays on top of our toher classes until it is finished. We also have 16 more students added to the 14 old...making it a total of 30 people in a studio that normally holds 20. I feel like I have to prove myself and meet new people all over again (like I am at a new school AGAIN). I figure God wouldn't put me in this situation if I wouldn't learn or gain something from it so I am just taking it one day at a time. Until next time...

Kris's good pic of New York New York...I really like the angle!

Matt and Brandon at the Carousel Bar...this pic makes me laugh

Carousel Bar

Matt and I at the Hoover Dam in front of the new bridge

1st try at the Wynn

In XS...yes there is a pool in the club..and a spinning chandelier

dancing away

Like father, like daughters

Matt and I at the pool the last day