We Love Daddy!

       Happy belated Father's Day to all the daddy's out there! My dad is a state away, so I could only call to tell him that I love him. Sunday was Matt's first father's day. I have to say nothing makes me love him more than seeing how much he loves our son!

       We had been planning a Father's Day party, on Saturday night, with several friends who are dads and dads-to-be. Nothing fizzles out party plans like a baby making an early appearance! Yup, one of Matt's best friends welcomed his baby boy on Friday, two weeks early...just in time for father's day! Welcome to our growing group of kiddos baby Colton!

       Instead of a party, a few of us got together at a grill with a play place for the kids. It was under a shaded area and the fans were going, so our Texas heat was actually manageable. We had a blast! That may just be our go-to place this summer. Abram was the youngest of the kids there, so he was taking note of all their amazing skills and trying to follow them.

       Sunday morning Matt requested homemade waffles, so I added bacon, sausage, and chopped bananas to make it a real man's breakfast. He also requested my homemade chocolate bunt cake which I decided to make into cupcakes to give to other dads as well...we basically didn't want to eat an entire cake between the two of us.  We brought some over to the new parents, along with dinner, when they got home from the hospital. It is crazy how big Abram is compared to a newborn.

       The last thing on our list was to take Abram swimming. At the beach he hated the pool water and loved the sand. This NEEDS to change! We are trying to just get him used to water. At first he wasn't thrilled, but we sat there and watched the other kids and slowly got him all the way into the water. After that he realized he could splash just like in the bath and loved it! SUCCESS!!