Wedding,Wedding, and more Wedding

I haven't been doing much of anything besides final wedding planning since school got out.

However, I was able to get a weekend away to ride some boats in tickfaw with Matt and some friends. I hadn't been out there since the Boat Bash in 2008, when Kristen made an entire ice chest of jello shots. Ashtyn and I attempted to be Kristen and make our own (I have never made them before)...but when getting the jello powder out, we realized we forgot to buy the little cups so I had to settle for crystal light and vodka and Ashtyn drank her Michelob Ultra.

The first boat we went on...courtesy of Michelle's family
The Propstop- a boat dock bar
Matt sporting his knee brace after wakeboarding
The next weekend I was kept busy and entertained by my very well-planned Bachelorette Party. Thanks Mom and Kristen! They worked so hard to plan out every detail of the weekend and I felt so lucky to have such a wonderful maid of honor...seriously if anyone is getting married and looking for a moh...Kristen is your girl! ;) They had a cheesy bridal veil for the day just to tick me off (but I wore it joyfully), and at night I had a cute birdcage veil with feathers made by them...and they got all the girls black clips and headbands of different types to wear at nights. Many of the details and pictures of this party must remain under-wraps until after this coming weekend (Matt's Bachelor Party) due to him trying to top our un-toppable party. He has found out about a lot ofit because I cannot keep my mouth shut...but the details he doesn't know. So I will just post two photos to get the imagination going...
 Danielle and Kristen
Me, Leslie, and Erika...poor Leslie had to drink water the WHOLE weekend due to baby Guilbeaux on the way...what a good friend!
Now that we are 12 days away...I have found comfort in following this girls blog who has the same wedding date as me...wish I would have found it months ago... She blogs about EVERYTHING wedding related (much of it comes at the exact same time as my stuff). This week was the weather...yes a stress that is topping my list this week. We do have a backup plan, but I would LOVE for it to be not deathly hot and clear skies. We got our marriage license last Friday and now I am just finishing up details (if only it would stop storming so I could go paint outside). Another thing that comforts me about reading her blog is her "wedding brain" as she calls it, that has rendered her (and me) incapable of making ANY decisions on our own. I have never taken so long and needed so many opinions when picking out jewelry; in fact I am the jewelry queen usually, but over the last month you would swear I was a tomboy who has never worn a necklace in my life. If I could get them on time I would have just bought 3 options to pick on the wedding day, but the shipping time made the decision for me. If I have to and I'm not happy with my jewelry the day of, I will simply pull a forever 21 necklace out of my closet collection. Wish me luck for the next 2 weeks!