Weekend Project: Ikea Highchair Hack

I am ALWAYS working on projects. It is kinda like a bad habit because people will come over and be like, "I thought you had a degree in Interior Design; your house is a mess!" and I am like, "Ummm...I'm pregnant, have a toddler, oh and I have this horrible habit of doing five projects at once."

Being a busy working momma I totally understand the stress of doing nothing during the week, and then assigning the projects for the weekend. I always feel so much more accomplished when I can actually complete something in a weekend so I have decided to do a new series of posts that will show the projects I have done that can be completed in one weekend or less. I will try to post projects and crafts that only take a few hours, but some may take more...but let's face it, we want to ENJOY the weekend as well.

First on the list....

This is soooo late {blah blah same song, different day}, but I never did post about Abram's highchair and I am so in love with this thing that I feel it is a must! I had gotten one of those expensive, padded highchairs when I registered and was so excited about my registry score...but then I panicked hard! It was so padded and big. It would take up so much room in my kitchen and wasn't the most attractive thing on the planet. I could not afford those stylish expensive chairs though; it just wasn't in my budget at the time. Then I started reading reviews on padded chairs and how hard they are to clean EVERY MEAL, and then saw this post and my thoughts shifted as to what the perfect high chair would be for our family.

1) Easy to clean
2) My son was a hot baby, so extra padding= extra sweating= extra fussing
3) Affordable
4) As Compact as possible
5) Not an eyesore

Enter the $25 Ikea highchair from the post. I hated the legs so the spray paint idea was genius...not my genius {hers}, but everyone gets their inspiration from somewhere. I did a test of a copper, gold, and rubbed bronze legs. All three would be amazing so take a peek at this pic, but for our eating area I chose the gold. Just tape off the ball feet and spray.

After that was finished all I had to do was decide what decal would grace the back of the chair. I am obviously NOT a monogram person because it took about 3 seconds for me to realize that Abram's initials would be the Texas A&M logo and as LSU fans there was no way that was gonna happen. So the next 2 ideas were a fork and spoon decal {hard to find the right size}, or the "eat" decal which won. I got it from this etsy site, and had her do it custom, at 6.5" wide, and you can pick from her many colors to go with your decor {I chose mint}.

We LOVE it over 9 months later. Abram has had no problem sitting in this chair. The tray can detach, but we leave it attached most of the time. Whenever he gets older we can pull it up to the table without a tray. The legs come off if we have to bring it out of town. It is light as a feather so sometimes he gets living room meals if I feel lazy {don't judge}. I just clean it off quickly after every meal with the Honest Brand cleaner we have, but since it is white I sometimes have to bleach after foods like carrot juice. And for the big messes we swiftly carry it outside and  unleash the hose. AND since it is only $25 baby #2 can have her own ;).

$25 Ikea Highchair
Spray paint in color of your choice
Painter's tape
Vinyl decal of your choice
Approx. Time= around 4-6 hours depending on how long you let the paint dry
xo, Nikki