Weekend Project: Recovered Accent Chair

I inherited a fabulous bedroom set from my Great Grandparents after they passed away. I love love love the lines of the furniture, but the yellow-white color...not so much. I am trying my best to hold off on repainting most of it to not upset my grandmother {for now}, but the chair that came with the set needed some help asap.

It was nothing a can of gold spray paint and some cheery fabric couldn't fix. 
I would say that this tutorial is for a chair that has separate seat and back cushions.
Supplies Needed:
Spray paint {color of your choice}
Staple remover
Staple Gun
Fabric {yardage depends on the size of your chair}
Trim of your choice
Hot glue gun
Approximate Time= 8 hours

Step 1:
Disassemble. If the assembly is complicated, photograph the pieces as you take them apart. I unscrewed the legs from the back and seat.

Step 2:
I went ahead and spray painted the first coat on the the legs so it could dry while I upholstered the fabric pieces.

Step 3:
My seat and back padding were in good condition, and my fabric was a neutral so I left it all on. BUT, if the fabric or padding are in poor condition, then you will need to take that apart and replace it. If not, just do what I did and use a staple gun to attach the fabric {pulling it tight so there are no wrinkles}.

Step 4:
If the paint is dry enough, apply a second coat of the spray paint.

Step 5:
I needed a trim piece to hide my staples so I found a rope type of trim and simply hot glued it into place.

Step 6: 
ASSEMBLE! Now have a seat and sip on something yummy...it is the weekend right?!