What are you being for Halloween?

I am a nurse...

not by choice though...and not by dress. I am more acting like one since Matt's ACL surgery. It was Wednesday morning and went very well...until about 3 pm when his nerve block wore off about 6 hours too early. He hadn't yet started taking his pain medicine and was caught off guard. We spent the next 8 hours playing catch up to his pain which was excruciating. I have never seen him like he was that night...

The doctors apologized the next day for giving him a bad nerve block and not warning us that it may wear off early. His pain decreased greatly that day, but the pain medicine was the next obstacle...causing nausea and dizziness for two days.

Today we decided the pain was not too bad and quit taking the pain medicine...it has been a great day! Matt is up and about on his crutches and has been doing his exercises regularly.  Keep praying that his healing and physical therapy goes well!