What is your dream office?

So eventually I intend to make my home office an office I can do work in...

How my current office makes me feel
I have made attempts at quick beautifucation in order to get inspired by painting the walls green, putting up vintage (unifinished) curtains, shelves, and a painting of New Orleans (also unfinished). Still I see it as an unworkable space that has no good storage and function for creative design. We have a large wooden desk (Matt's) that I can do nothing with but re-stain (his orders) and a wooden shelf. I need more room to do my work and more storage. I LOVE color. This is where you all come in...I find it much easier to help others with their homes than to do my own sometimes, so I am looking for inspirations, ideas, or advice so that I can transform my office from semi-dull to wonderfully creative. Here is what I have found so far...please send me your stuff and I will post them for others to see so that anyone who needs office inspiration can benefit as well...