When the Stars Align...

March 2009

"Matt I want a beach trip this summer...even if I have school!"

Matt: "Well let's do a weekend trip in Galveston..."

That is when this amazing trip began...

So it was only Galveston, but we made the best out of it.

We booked the San Luis Hotel because we knew the beach would not be like Florida (which is what we are used to) and San Luis had an awesome pool. We arrived late on Friday night after work, school, and cleaning our house for weekend guests. We freshened up and hit up downtown Galveston to explore some bars we heard were neat. After listening to some live music, we went back to our hotel bar which is outside and connected to the pool. We relaxed for awhile and went to bed.

Day 2 was my favorite

After taking it easy that morning because..."Hey! We are on vacation", we went to a seafood place next to the beach to eat some lunch. After that, we went to the beach for a few hours...I love the beach! There is nothing better than hearing the waves wash up on the shore. After that we went to our hotel pool which was packed. It was very Vegas, with a swim up bar and cabannas. Suddenely we saw one of our LSU friends from Houston sit in front of us. It was nice to know someone and be a little social. note: We realized once we got there, that it was the first vacation we have taken alone (in 6.5 years!)

Later we got ready for dinner

Apparently while I was in the shower, Matt was a little busy making some phone calls. He later told me that he waited until the absolute last minute to make sure NO ONE ruined the surprise. We ate at one of the best steak houses in Texas and were very full by the end. Although we were a little dressed up, we decided to kick off our shoes and take a walk on the beach. Anyone that knows me should know that I cannot stand to be fancy so I LOVED the fact that I was walking in a dress with my shoes off and feet in the sand.

"Matt, let's go walk on those big rocks out to the ocean!"-nikki

We sat about 10 feet from the ocean as the waves crashed up on the rocks, splashing us a little.

We talked for almost half of an hour and looked at the stars; something that Matt and I have been doing on occasion ever since we started dating. We have both always felt that the stars make you realize just how small any problems are and that, coupled with the ocean was such a cool feeling.

Then he says, "I just love looking at the stars, they are a way of bringing me down to earth and making me feel so comfortable. Over the last few years, I have realized that there is something else that makes me feel at home, and that is you. So I have a question..." Down to one knee...

"Will you marry me?"

Nikki- "Yes! Are you kdding me!? Is this a joke? Yes!"

So after 6.5 years...WE ARE ENGAGED!

I keep feeling like I will wake up and none of it will be real. It was SOOOO perfect!

We chatted for about 20 mintues about how lucky we each are and then (Nikki) "Can I call my mom?" haha "Of course!"-Matt. Matt had asked my mom and dad for permission before he asked me.

Because it was about 11 o'clock, I really couldn't see the ring in the dark. Matt said it was a test to see if it was really about him or the ring haha. We went back to the hotel pool and relaxed and later went inside, where I finally got a peek at the ring...BEAUTIFUL!

The next day we toured Galveston and finished off our trip at the aquarium and Imax show. I had such an amazing time and will never forget this trip! I am the luckiest person to have landed such a sweet and caring guy!

I look forward to planning our future and will keep you all updated!


At the hotel pool bar Friday night

Matt relaxing near the pool

Lunch on Saturday

On the rocks by the ocean, under the stars ...Saturday, June 13, 2009 at about 11 pm...about five minutes before proposing

At the hotel pool afterwards

The rocks where Matt proposed (a view from our room the next morning)...The people on the end is about where we were.

Before exploring Galveston the last day