Where does the time go

I cannot believe it is already April! I have been super busy with school; in fact, my spring break consisted of no less than 12 hours a day of working on my design presentation (most of the time until 5 am) with two monitors running. I am now ready for a beach vaca., but unfortunately do not see that happening considering I have a two week break, then it is back to school for the rest of the summer to build a non-profit project we are currently designing for an elementary school in the area.

After Mardi Gras, I discovered the Houston equivalent which is the Houston Rodeo. It is def. not as crazy, but it is their big celebration and lasts 1 month. We won Keith Urban tickets and were invited to see another singer (cannot remember his name). It was a lot of fun and before the rodeo, Matt and I found this cool thrift shop called Texas Junk that has over 200 pairs of boots in a range of prices so we went and got some neat boots...mine were only 30!

In March, I also ran a 5k for the Houston SPCA to raise money for homeless animals in Houston. I started the run just to warm up for my 10k and to bring Gable for a nice run with other dogs around, but I ended up raising over $150 dollars. Gable had a blast, from the moment we got out of the car her tail was wagging and she was sniffing everything.

The next weekend was my 10k which I had been training for for over 2 months. The temperature dropped from the beautiful 70's to the 40-50's and it was rainy...so nice haha. Kristen bailed on the run bc of the crappy weather, but my mom still came into town to see me. Matt ran in the run with me and didn't train very much before (he had only gotten up to 4 miles). Luckily, the morning of the race the rain held off and I bundled up. It started off easy, but I got hot very fast and wished I hadn't bundled up because the scarf and jacket were so bulky and felt like dead weight bouncing on me with every step.

Matt and I stayed neck and neck and I sped up the last mile because I had saved all my energy and Matt stayed behind. Right before the finish line "someone" sprints past me telling me to come on and I realized that it was Matt who had sprinted until he past me to finish 1 SECOND BEFORE ME! After all my training I was soooo mad...I was sprinting and chasing him yelling NOOOOOO until I crossed. It felt so nice to finish and know that my training had paid off.

That next week was my horrid spring break and I took it easy with the running since my body was basically shutting down already because of no sleep and an unhealthy diet. I have since picked it back up and am starting to slowly train for that long-wanted half marathon.
That is pretty much the most exciting events of my life at the moment besides another full weekend of school work while Matt is in Lafayette with Gable. I have never realized how much I love having a dog around. I am missing Gable so much...I have no one to cuddle with...you would think I would be saying that about Matt, but I am used to not having him around. 

At the Houston Rodeo (Cannot see our boots)

Gable and I at the SPCA Run...it was at Bush Airport (hence the plane)

Matt and I at our 10k (Downtown, Houston)...beginning next to Louisiana street!

Making my way...trying not to look at the photographers

Crossing the line and yelling at Matt (Averaged b/w 10.5 and 11 minute miles)