Why do the good die young?

I have wanted to make a slideshow of Lucky ever since he died, but was having trouble figuring out how to do it and getting emotionally ready for it. I finally finished today, the one month anniversary of his death. I am so happy I have this to remember him by, although every time I watch I turn into a faucet.
His name was a jinx to him, but his personality made the name look good. We only had him for four and a half months and I can honestly say he was the most charismatic, playful, and friendly dog we have ever had in our family. We took so many pictures and videos of him over that short time...more than any other dog, and I think it is because when you see him you are just drawn to him. He almost demanded the attention of the camera...I was photographing a painting I did along our fence and he went and sat front and center, like he knew he was supposed to pose for me.
He was almost the complete opposite of Gable, with a little boy's spirit...and it was that spirit that won us over! Everywhere we went he attracted attention with his patch, personality, and the great big smile he almost always had. 
He loved to lean his butt on you for a good pet, and he loved his rear to be scratched. He loved playing...whether it was playing fetch, with other dogs, or just going for a run...and he was the best running partner I have EVER had. One of the excuses his previous owners gave me for taking him to a shelter to be killed (besides being too big) was that he pulled on his leash too hard. Funny, we bought a $10 harness that connected in the front and that was all it took to stop the pulling...I could run with him at my side and only holding onto the leash with two fingers.
He was the most popular dog at the dog park and he and Matt had such a strong connection. If he got too hyper at home, we would just show him his tail and he would start chasing. He loved our house and was so smart. He learned come, sit, down, off, stay, shake, and leave it within a month. He was so clumsy...always falling down the stairs and running his head into stuff (mostly for attention)...good thing it was hard! I have always loved pit bulls so when I saw him I wasn't too worried, but he raised the bar. We will definitely own another pit one day. 
Matt and I are so sad he is no longer in our lives...Bijou wasn't meant to be a replacement. He died running free on an 80 acre farm for hours with Matt and Bijou...when he walked into the street and was hit by a car. A stranger picked up Lucky and Matt and took them to the nearest animal hospital, with a police escort, but it was too late. Lucky died in Matt's arms while he was telling him, "It's ok, you're a good boy!" We buried him in the middle of a circle of trees on the farm, with a letter I wrote for him. 

Song: Ben Harper, "Waiting on an Angel"
It took him a few months to find his real family, but I know he was always meant to be ours...it just took some time. I know that he is running around in heaven getting all the good pets, playtime, and femur bones he could ever want. We will see him one day! We love you so much Lucky, you were never unwanted by us!