"X"ing out the days

It seems like lately the calendar days have been collecting their X's very quickly. Before you know it...I will be walking down the aisle! ;) We have a little over 8 months left... and we are still progressing very nicely.

Two weeks ago we visited Austin, Texas to go to the one wedding shop out of four states of shops that had my dress. Of course when we got there, the dress was so small that it wouldn't go over my bottom. So I have pictures of me in the bottom of the dress, and pictures in the top separately. That does not stop my imagination so I went home and photoshopped them together to show my mom and sis the complete look. We all LOVED it and the seamstress sent me samples of the fabric she uses and I love them, so in Novermber I will be getting measured and ordering what I now know is my wedding dress. The thought that I have found my dress now makes me feel like it is all really happening, and I am getting more and more excited every day! That night we met Matt's cousin and his wife for dinner. She had called ahead for reservations and told them we were celebrating our engagement. When we got there, the menus said "Congratulations" and later we got a free desert haha. I loved it!

I have also started to collect decorations that I have found along the way at stores. Seeing everything makes it all come together and helps me to create more of a vision. Matt decided on gray suits and we are going to look for them in a few months. We have narrowed down our honeymoon destination to St. Lucia and Bora Bora, depending on money haha. My bridesmaids outfits are almost done, and I am deciding on my Junior Bridesmaid's dress this week. Today Matt and I toured the Hilton Garden Inn near our venue and they gave us a great rate of $69 per night so we will be setting that up for you all shortly! I have become an expert on cool blog sites for creative wedding ideas and have found that to be a constructive waste of my time. I am starting to put together ideas that will make our wedding more personal and am finishing picked music for the ceremony within the next week so that I can find someone to sing and play it all. If only Jonas would get back to me (as I look around scratching my head)...;)
Favorite websites so far...

I had my follow up appointment after my endoscopy the week before last. I was told at the endoscopy that I had an ulcer and would be getting anitbiotics for it. When I arrived, she said that I have a very inflamed and irritated stomach with an ulcer, and my valve between my esaphagus and stomach isn't working properly. On top of this new information, they don't know why this has happened...the story of my life! I have now decided that I will take no medication (that could just hurt something else), and have put myself on a regime of no sugar, white flour, and no dairy to get my body in balance (also no coffee). My hope is that within a few months my body will be balanced and I will be able to function fully aware and awake with no coffee. I am on day nine and doing well...I am very proud of myself and hope that this can aid in healing other imbalances in my life.

Flowers from Matt for our Seven Years

Matt and I celebrated our seven years of dating this past week. The day was October 10th, but Matt was at the LSU/FLORIDA game so he got back Sunday with flowers for me. Monday night he gave me a new LSU shirt, and took me to dinner and a movie. I must say, I have found such a great guy! After seven years I can still get giddy when thinking about how sweet he is which is rare I have found. Sure we have our tiffs, but in the end we conquer together as strong team mates.

Have a good weekend,