A Festival Place- Downtown Lafayette, Louisiana

Finally mustering up the courage to post my project that I poured my heart into over the past four months, not always liking what I got back in return...feel free to send it to Archdaily, any design magazine, or architect to reproduce for your city...ha!


This design project explores the possibility of providing a flexible public space in a hot, humid urban area. Near the center of Lafayette, Louisiana, this social node will play host to festivals, concerts, Mardi Gras parades, and a farmer's market. The covered outdoor space serves as stage for civic life including reviewing stands, band venues, and a parade staging area. On weekdays, when local farmers are not selling their produce the naturally ventilated outdoor space can serve as a plaza that is protected against the daily thunderstorms of the summer season and cold drizzles of winter. Its program incorporates local food sales, dining, and cooking classes.


1) Parade Diagram
2) Farmer's Market Diagram
3) Performance Diagram



Site Concept: The site is within walking distance of residential neighborhoods and adjacent to common social gathering spaces near downtown Lafayette. It is served by a nearby structured parking garage for the majority of its parking, with an alleyway parking lot adjacent to the site providing more accessible spaces and parking for vendors and deliveries. The open-air market pavilion that covers the majority of the site is situated between a two-story service structure and the main road. The service building separates the plaza from adjacent residential uses, protecting the neighborhood without overwhelming it. An uncovered corner plaza faces two important downtown parks, and prominent bordering streets.



 North Elevation
 South Elevation
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Building Concept:
A formal grid is laid over the site to designate zones under the pavilion for furniture, equipment, and circulation. The structure of the building is based on this grid, which is made primarily of glue-laminated timber beams and columns, with a fabric of white aluminum "scales" opening up to frame views of the northern sky while providing shade and encouraging natural ventilation. The first floor of the two story conditioned structure is faced with brick and multiple glazed openings much like the nearby downtown buildings. A main stair at the end of the building connects the second floor patio terrace and transparent cooking classrooms with the corner plaza below. The patio and classrooms have a view of the space below and the skyline of Lafayette. A wood and aluminum roofing system shades the patio and classrooms from southern sunlight, creating a spacious veranda for the general public in Lafayette, Louisiana.


Exploded Axonometric


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