Finding Out We Were "3"

       I found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks (March 2nd)... I had a big plan for how I wanted this all to go (me finding out and then surprising Matt in a special way), and it went nothing like that.

       The day before I had given up coffee just because I do it periodically to try and moderate my intake, and since my coffee tastes more like a delicious dessert I figure it is not that good  for me anyways. I was sooo tired all day because of that so I didn't notice anything. The next morning I decided to take a test just in case (while Matt was in the shower). I was totally expecting to see just one line so when I thought I saw a second faint one appear I freaked and ran into the bathroom to ask Matt if he saw a second line. 

Matt: "no, just one"
Me: "ok...wait no, that is definitely two!"
Matt: "Actually, I think I see three now!"
Me: "There cannot be three, but there are two...we're pregnant we're pregnant" as I jumped around the bathroom

That day we were on cloud nine…my heart was racing with excitement. This later turned to is a bit freaky knowing you are about to become a parent.  Over the weekend we decided to relax and take our mind off of everything so we took Bijou to the dog park, went to a kite festival, went to church. At church I got crazy sick feeling…pretty sure it was because of the vitamins, so we had to sit in the lobby in the cry room area…reality check number one! 

I later apologized to Matt for not telling him in the special way I planned and he just said he felt bad he couldn't give me a hug because he was showering...oh well! Later that week, I got some blood work done to ease my mind and when I found out everything looked good I told him the way I originally planned.

      4-5 Weeks Stats:

  • Taken 8-9 pregnancy tests…all positive…when will I believe it?
  • Two words…raviness hunger! My stomach never stops growling…I am going to be a mammoth if I keep this up. I told Matt that I now realize why pregnant women eat so much…because they are FUCKING hungry! (sorry for the language)
  • I hid it from my dad to his face…I was even talking about having kids…sneaky sneaky…Matt looked at me with a smile like I was so sly

Keeping it a secret is HARD!...especially when you hang around people who create occasions to celebrate with a nice drink. They are not alcoholics, but just like to have fun…they are from the South…and when I go to the rodeo and drink a sprite it is hard to disguise. I thought I was doing a good job, but apparently I was more obvious than I thought. All it took was a sprite and a bathroom break and Lindsey was questioning me. Me: “No, I just have a stomach ache” (The excuse Matt and I had thought of)…she just looked at me with a grin and after a quick assessment I decided it was best to pull her to the side and tell her that NO ONE but her and us knows instead of having her know I was lying! Oh ya I forgot…I SUCK at lying!  I told Matt later that if my mom was there she would have picked up on it within five minutes, and I later found out that my dad was on to me too.