Tie-the-Knot Celebration

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Related Posts with ThumbnailsYes...two posts in one day. I am playing catch up. Still very busy, but since our shoot was canceled I am catching up on life outside of school for a few hours.

Last weekend we went to Lafayette for a party thrown for us by Bob and Lou Ahrabi. I have been calling it the, "Tie-the-Knot Celebration", but it didn't really have a name.

It was at the Petroleum Club in Lafayette...walk through the 50th Reunion Party in the front room, to the old Men's Quarters in the back. Not only was the room we were in small and quaint with a nice warm feel to it; hearing the old people (who I loved) say, "You are too young to be here for our reunion!?' was pretty funny. If Kristen was there, I am sure she would have ended up on the dance floor with them.

This party was planned quickly, so my mom, Kristen and Jake were not able to make it due to the 20 hour round-trip drive. My dad was in New Orleans for work, so he rented a car (if you could call it that) and drove over to "represent" as mom called it. I wish I had a picture of that car...picture my dad in a small white hatchback that looks like a smart car in size...with manual window roll down that he would feverishly turn in order to talk to us...or pick up the ladies haha.

Matt and I showed up a few mintue late, as usual, and were amazed by the setup when we walked in. I am hoping that our wedding can compete with the decor. I had told Mrs. Lou to do a Louisiana theme if she needed ideas. The decor was in our wedding colors; each table had a basket of citrus fruits and the mantle had an assortment of Louisiana greenery. The cake was delicious; decorated in our colors with a fleur de lis and they handed out favors of Tabasco sauce and pecan pralines. Wow!

We stepped into the crowd of people and I don't think I stopped talking from that point on...next to the door was also a framed picture of us that people could engrave their name in. The food was a buffet line of all sorts of stuff...including my favorite, CRAB CAKES! Mrs. Debra and Mr. Saeed stood up to give a great speech and called on my dad, who was put on the spot, and told a sweet story about when we moved to Louisiana...I looked down at the table the whole time to keep from crying...yes I am Debbie Junior.

Then Matt and I were called up, and of course he says a great little speech while I look at Mrs. Linda, mouthing, "I don't know what to say..." She was my "mom" for the night. So it came to me and I said..."Yes, I agree with Matt." haha...WHAT!? I need to practice that stuff...no words could come out, yet I am known to ya'll as the person who won't shut up... Matt then goes on to tell the introverted/extroverted story from our marriage class, while my teeth chattered together...too many people looking at me. How am I gonna get married in front of double the number of people?!

Anyway, it was a fantastic night full of lots of friends...although I did miss many as well. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Ahrabi!

The cake
 Lindsay and Linda
The reserved table
The speeches
 Bob and Lou Ahrabi

Love this series of pics...all the "adults" were amazed by the iphone barcode scanner and took the b.m. dresses to see if I got the best deal, then Erika fussed at my dad to give them back, then she got them! haha
Amy, Lee, Matt and David: Coffee Drinkers

 Mr. Saeed and Mrs. Debra with the flowers I got, then accidentally left at their house

And if you haven't gotten your wedding invite, be looking for it!