38 Weeks...Happy Halloween

       Wow! 38 weeks has come so fast...we are almost to November! I remember looking at the calendar back in the first trimester and thinking that Halloween was so far away.
Total weight gain/loss: +30
Maternity clothes? Glad I won’t be pregnant in the cold for long…none of my jackets fit
Stretch marks? Nope
Sleep: Off and on still…it hurts to roll over
Best moment this week: Dr. appointment, Matt finishing his exam, seeing a couple friends from Lafayette, and the airshow
Miss Anything?  Walking without pain
Movement: Still moving a lot
Food cravings: Grapes still
Anything making you queasy or sick:  nothing
Have you started to show yet:  Yes and he isn’t looking any lower
Gender prediction: BOY BOY BOY!
Labor Signs: I didn’t do much moving this week because I was sick and didn’t want anything to happen until after Matt’s exam so I didn’t have much happening until I got to walking this weekend
Belly Button in or out?  It is on the verge of popping out but I don’t think it will
Wedding rings on or off?  On and beautiful thanks to the jewelers for working miracles
Happy or Moody most of the time: Everything and loving this moment of our lives
Looking forward to:  Meeting our man! I am pretty sure that is all that is left at this point…

       Matt's exam was Friday so I sat around most of the week praying the baby wouldn't come on, or before that day. We had dinner with our friend, Ashtyn, who was in from out of town one night which was a nice break for Matt. I have also been sick all week so laying around was not too bad, but as soon as I knew Matt's exam was almost over I started walking around and sitting on Kristen's exercise ball to try and make some progress happen. I have not made ANY in 2 weeks! 

       Saturday morning I got to see another friend from out of town, Leslie {my lucky week}. We had brunch with Leigh Ann and Leslie's sister...just missing one person {you know who you are}! Once Matt was free from his exam prison, we took advantage of the amazing weather for the rest of the weekend. If you were around our town, you might have caught me walking around...I am a girl on a mission!

Walking around the dog park with Matt and Bijou/ Walking around the air show with Matt and David
       It is not like I am trying to be an impatient pregnant woman who wants the baby to come before it is ready, in fact, I would mind if he hung around a couple more months. I am enjoying my belly and am TERRIFIED of delivery/parenting. However, I am a smart girl who knows his arrival is just a few weeks away whether my body decides to make it happen or not. I figure I'll give this bod a fighting chance to do the work before I am stuck with only the drug option.
       Matt's reward to himself was to go to the airshow and see the F22 and the Blue Angels {who we saw together when we first started dating}. Even though I am not as fascinated by flight and engineering as he is, it is hard not to appreciate the amazing-ness of those machines! I can also imagine a tall pilot, with a sculpted jawline and great smile flying them...you know, Mr. America...don't ruin my fantasy by showing me a picture of the old, wrinkly pilot please! ;) We walked around all day, and I really feel like the baby started to get the memo that his time was running out. We will see what the dr. says at my appointment tomorrow.