Spring Fever-Today in my Yard

I had to take a short break from the loads of homework piling up on me as school nears an end this year. I have a total of 4 weeks left which is bitter-sweet considering how much more needs to be done before I get out.

I took a couple hours on this particularly beautiful day to work on some plants in our recently re-planted flower beds.

Matt and I recently re-planted plants to replace those that died over the harsh winter, as well as, made a new flower bed in the backyard over my Spring Break a few weeks ago. I know...sounds like a crazy fun Spring Break. I was feeling so daring that I actually wore shorts and a tank top to pull weeds so that I could get some sort of tan before we take engagement pictures on April 23rd. (Thank God I also got to go on a pretty chilly boat ride last weekend to keep me sane)

Well I have been trying to feed these plants for the last few weeks to get them to grow lush and beautiful...and today I took pieces of my pink Oleander to propagate into a whole new plant (hopefully) for our backyard. I will update as to whether or not it works. I did take some pretty pics of my plants starting to show signs of life.

As of this coming Saturday, our wedding is 10 weeks away! It seems unreal. Please be looking for your invites in a couple of weeks!